About Us

We aspire to craft residences that encapsulate not only visual
appeal but also the fundamental essence of superior living.
Witness the epitome of excellence in our remarkable creations.

About Us

Step into Floor Accents, TX, where your interior design aspirations transform into reality. With a team of skilled professionals and a dedication to crafting captivating spaces, we’re committed to enhancing the style and functionality of your home or office. Delve into our extensive range of services, and discover why we stand out as the top choice for discerning clients not only in Highland Village but also beyond.

Back in 1978, amidst the charm of a small town, a remarkable journey unfolded. Two brothers, alongside our father and his sibling, embarked on a shared dream. Together, they laid the foundation for a furniture factory that would emerge as a symbol of craftsmanship and quality within our community.

Our Roots

Raised within the confines of our family-owned furniture factory, we, the succeeding generation, were cultivated on the foundational tenets of business ethics and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Our formative years unfolded amidst the aroma of freshly cut wood and the rhythmic hum of precision machinery. In this unique playground of our childhood, we grasped the profound significance of crafting more than just furniture; we learned to create works of art, each piece infused with the very essence of our craft.

Journey About Us

Numerous decades have elapsed since our modest inception, and with the passage of time, our journey has evolved. We have upheld the torch of tradition and craftsmanship, navigating new horizons within the same industry. Our steadfast dedication to superior design and the mastery of constructing custom cabinetry continues to be the guiding force that propels us forward.

Elevate Your Space with Expert Interior Design Services

Bring your vision to life through our proficient interior design services. Whether you aim to rejuvenate a single room or undergo a comprehensive transformation of your entire property, our skilled team stands ready to assist you at every stage. With us, from conceptualization to the final installation, we collaborate closely with you, ensuring that your space mirrors your distinct style and personality.

Custom Cabinetry Excellence

Through the passage of time, we have refined our skills and expertise, achieving mastery in the art of crafting custom cabinetry. Every project we embark upon stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to perfection. Recognizing that the kitchen and its cabinetry often form the heart of a home, we appreciate the significance of their aesthetic appeal.

Yet, our journey didn’t halt at this point. We extended our exploration, guided by a vision of maintaining quality standards and delivering elegant designs.

Renovating Homes

Harnessing our experience and a fervor for excellence, we entered a new phase. Initiating comprehensive transformations, we brought vitality to entire homes through meticulous renovation. Our vision revolves around crafting residences that encapsulate not only visual appeal but also the very essence of superior living.

Our journey, from defining your kitchen with custom cabinetry to reshaping your lifestyle through complete home renovations, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Expand your outdoor living area with our proficient outdoor design services. Whether you’re envisioning cozy patios or expansive gardens, we are here to assist you in creating an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Explore our wide range of outdoor furniture, lighting, and accessories to experience the beauty of nature in both comfort and style.

Experience Unmatched Customer Service and Support

At Floor Accents, our dedication lies in offering clients the utmost in customer service and support. Starting from the initial consultation through to the final reveal, our team stands by your side, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free experience. Trust in our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, allowing us to deliver results that surpass your expectations.

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